Michael Mattioli

Michael Mattioli is an Associate Professor of Law at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law in Bloomington. There, he teaches Contracts, and courses in Intellectual Property, including the IP Survey and the IP Colloquium. Mattioli is also an active affiliated faculty member of the Center for Intellectual Property Research.

Before coming to Maurer Law, Mattioli was the 2011-12 Microsoft Research Fellow at the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology at UC Berkeley School of Law and the 2010-11 Postdoctoral Fellow in Law, Economics, and Technology at the University of Michigan Law School.

Professor Mattioli's main field of interest is intellectual property—specifically, the impact of collective behavior on patenting and the increasing impact of big data on innovation policy. His publications, presentations, and teaching information can be found on this page, and he can be easily reached by email. ♦

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